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Tips for Dressing a Pear Body Type

This week is all about dressing for your unique body type! We've already talked about the Inverted Triangle and Rectangle, and today centers on the Pear shape.

The Pear body type is widest at the HIPS or THIGHS, with a relatively narrower waist and bust.

The pear shape is also popular these days, and there are some out there who are natural Pears but who actually want to exaggerate the bottom half further.

However, some Pears may feel bottom-heavy or like their chest seems small in comparison to their hips. Those who feel this way can balance out their figure by creating the illusion of more volume on top and visually "stretch" the bottom half to better distribute the volume of your bottom half.

Boost Your Bust


  • Narrow, skinny center details like ties and contrast plackets
  • Deep, scoop, plunging & v-neck tops
  • Strong vertical lines
  • Tight-fitting or bodycon tops & jackets
  • Darker colors on top


  • High necklines like crew, boat, turtleneck, and mock neck styles
  • Embellished details at the chest, such as ruffles, pleats, graphics, patches, etc. 
  • Chunky collar/bib necklaces
  • Horizontal details like bold stripes, seams, or off-the-shoulder styles
  • Looser-fitting blouses
  • Strong shoulder lines and short jackets/boleros

Elongate Your Legs


  • Dramatically flared skirts and dresses that "poof" out from the waist
  • Mini & micro-mini skirts, which will make your bottom half look squat
  • Pleats, ruffles, and other embellishments in the waist/hip area
  • Stiff, chunky bottom fabrics
  • Straight pencil skirts
  • Heavy, chunky shoes
  • Bright, bold colors on bottom
  • Tops & Tunics with a straight bottom hem


  • A-line skirts and dresses that skim your hip area
  • Knee-length, midi, and maxi skirts
  • Plain, sleek bottoms with either no details or only delicate details at the ankles
  • Tapered tube or pencil skirts that come in at your knee break
  • Slim, dainty footwear

I am not a Pear, but I have saddle bags even when I'm at my most comfortable weight, but I've learned to make peace with them because they're an extension of my bootie. :) Plus,  I know darned well that I'm simply not the kind of person to sacrifice tons of family time wailing on my legs in the gym. My legs reflect who I am - and I like who I am! 

I know there are some Pears out there! Are you self-conscious about your thighs, or do you embrace the "junk in your trunk"?