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Tips for Dressing an Inverted Triangle Body Type

Last week, we discussed how to objectively analyze your body shape, so we're kicking off this week with tips for balancing out an Inverted Triangle body type that has BROAD SHOULDERS with a narrower waist and hip. Click the image to go to the Polyvore with item details!

Minimize your shoulders

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.19.53 AM.png

If you are an Inverted Triangle and find yourself self-conscious about your shoulders, you can visually minimize the area by working against the strong horizontal shoulder line and choosing clothes that create narrow, vertical lines instead. These tricks may also work for other body types who like the look of a narrow shoulder, which can make the frame feel more feminine, delicate, and diminutive.



  • Horizontal stripes on top
  • Horizontal necklines like boat necks, strapless styles, off-the-shoulder tops
  • Wide necks like portrait collars or wide v-necks
  • Thin straps like spaghetti straps
  • Shoulder pads, puff sleeves
  • Bold, bright, or busy tops
  • Low-contrast between your top and jacket/sweater
  • Cropped tops & jackets
  • Single-button jackets


  • Narrow and low-cut necklines like a narrow scoop or v-neck
  • Button-front shirts
  • Skinny ties, scarfs, and long pendant necklaces
  • High-contrast ties, plackets, buttons, and necklaces
  • Wide straps on tank tops
  • Dark, soft, or solid tops
  • High-contrast between your top and jacket/sweater
  • Longer jackets, tunics, sweaters
  • Open/waterfall jackets & sweaters

Enhance Your Hips

If you are an Inverted Triangle, you may also want to enhance your hip area to help balance out your shoulders and create more of a traditionally-feminine Hourglass figure. Or, perhaps you don't feel that your shoulders are all that wide and that you simply have unusually narrow hips.  To do this, you want to add volume and horizontal movement to your bottom half. Note: you may not want to enhance your hips if you prefer to project a more straight, rectangular, boyish body shape - and that's okay! 


  • Super skinny jeans & pants
  • Bodycon & tapered pencil skirts
  • Bottom colors that are darker than your top
  • Tissue-thin fabrics
  • Spindly heels like stilettos


  • Skirts with volume like A-line, flared, tulip, ruffled, and lantern styles
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Bright, bold, & busy colors/patterns
  • Hip-slung pants, belts
  • Pants with added volume like pleated, harem, and boyfriend styles
  • Thick or more rigid fabrics like 100% cotton denim, wool, or thick knits
  • Wide legs & flares
  • Chunky shoes like block heels, wedges, lug soles, embellished styles

Any Inverted Triangles in the house? I'd love to hear your favorite tips and tricks, too! 

More tips tomorrow - stay tuned...