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How to Evaluate Your Body Shape

Sorry about missing my blog post yesterday! Squarespace was down for a little over an hour yesterday, which threw off my writing schedule for the day. 

This week, we're moving on from Spring Trends and talking all about Figure Flattery. Even though there is no hard-and-fast Ideal Body Shape, it always helps to objectively aware of the shape you have! So many of us tend to think in terms of our "big" this our our "fat" that - which truly isn't helpful to the figure flattery process at all. Instead, I encourage all my clients to think in terms of how these three features relate to one another:

  • Shoulders
  • Waist
  • Hips

Using these three key points on the body, anyone can analyze their own figure and determine how they fall into the 5 Basic Body Shapes (which we'll talk about tomorrow). 

Be Objective

When you hire a personal stylist, it's part of their job to help you evaluate your figure, but you can also self-evaluate at home. The key is to determine which of your key points is widest, and which is narrowest.

If you tend to have trouble being objective about your own body - or if you're one of those people who throws up their hands and says, "It's all too big!" - then it can help to use a photograph to analyze your figure.

Take a full-frontal pic in form-fitting clothes like leggings (being careful not to hold the camera at a distorting angle that is too high or low), then draw vertical lines at the widest points of your shoulders, waist, and hips.

IF your chest extends wider than your shoulders, draw the line at your bust instead - and if your thighs/saddlebags sit wider than your hips, draw the line at your thighs instead. This will give you a clearer view of which areas of your body are wide, narrow, balanced, or unbalanced.


Take a Second Look

Even if you think you know what shape you are, you may want to try this exercise out at home and double-check. Sometimes we hold on to an old body image because our bodies change faster than our minds can keep up with! Or sometimes we continue to see bodies as we were at a time when we were the most "ourselves" - and sometimes we don't even realize that our weight has shifted.

Ask a Trusted Friend

If technology isn't your BFF, turn to your real-life human bestie instead! Be careful not to fall into talking in generalizations about your weight or size - just ask your friend to specifically help you determine which is widest: your shoulders/bust, waist, or hips/thighs. 

Do you have your results? Hold onto them for today, and tomorrow we'll talk about what you can do with this data and how 5 Basic Body Shapes can help you decide which features to emphasize!