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Parsing Trends: Found Art Objects

This week, we're talking about jewelry trends, and one of my favorites is Found Art Objects! You can wear all kinds of things that wouldn't normally be considered wearable - from bungee cords to rubber toys to... fingers (!). I've been wearing stuff like this for a few years now, happily sporting a glass fuze and a miniature pulley in my own outfits. This look expresses an imaginative and creative spirit (if I do say so myself).

Still, even I have to admit that this trend is not everyone's cup of tea. Take a look at some differing associations as you decide if this offbeat trend is right for you:

Positive Connotations

  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Spontaneous (I just found this on the floor and put it on!)
  • Effortless
  • Kitchy
  • Fun
  • Humorous

Negative Connotations

  • Eccentric
  • Un-relatable
  • Unrefined (I just found this on the floor and put it on!)
  • Unsophisticated/Low-Brow
  • Lacking Value
  • Irreverent/Flippant
  • Childish

To wear the Found Art trend while maintaining an elevated look, keep the rest of your outfit simple and mature - or choose jewelry with details like:

  • Polished/shiny metals
  • Precious or Semi-Precious materials (gold, gemstones, rare wood)
  • Intricate workmanship (detailed carving, complex knotwork)
  • Clean, simple, modern design

Anyone jumping on this idea for 2017? What do you think when you see things like this on other people? Do you find them interesting and fun - or weird and scary?