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What's Your Wish for Spring?

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!

I'm so glad it's finally here - after a cold and rainy Winter, I'm personally super-stoked to welcome a season of renewal, rebirth, transformation, and motivation. It seems like everywhere I look, people are energized and ready to clean out their homes, lighten their hair, pack away the wool coats, and get ready to frolic in the sunshine (literally or metaphorically). 

With that in mind, I wanted to take a break from learning about fashion trends and instead bring the discussion back to you and your goals for the new season. What's your "wish" for Spring? What would you like to attract in the next three months? What change will you call to yourself? What kind of life will you manifest?

Getting clarity on your goals will not only help you decide which trends to try this season, but it will also help keep you modern, vibrant, self-aware, and firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to the image that you project. 


This Spring, my clients have told me they want to attract MORE:

  • Peace, calm, and ease
  • Organization
  • Love
  • Better relationships, more reciprocal friendships
  • Elegant, intelligent companions
  • Space for self-discovery
  • Motivated clients
  • Stability, routine, and security
  • Creativity, freedom 
  • More fun and relaxation, more vacations
  • Exercise, health

They also want to attract LESS:

  • Frustration, lack, and "rushing around"
  • Clutter
  • Guys interested in "one thing"
  • Takers, emotional vampires
  • External noise and distraction
  • Upheaval, chaos
  • Stress, overtime, taking work home

Whatever your goal is for the season, your clothes can always help get you there! Your outfits help you to set your tone for the day, influencing not only how confident (or flustered and frustrated!) you feel when you walk out the door - but also the traits you announce to your audience. 

When you consider what parts of your wardrobe you may want to edit, think about aspects of life you might want to improve. How are you unconsciously calling forth unwanted interactions? How can you reverse that energy to create a better situation? It may be as simple as a small gift to yourself to always remind you that You Are Worth It! Or you may start dressing up more to show the world that you ought to be treated a little better.

This will be different for everyone but, whatever you wish for this Spring, remember that you can have it, and you are totally worth it.