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Catching Rae

High & Flat

While platforms unfortunately have lots of sexy associations throughout history, such as geishas and oirans and European courtesans, modern platforms feel much more like the original pattens and getas that were used to avoid trudging through muddy streets. This is probably because we've already experienced things like the 7-inch-patent-leather-spiked stripper stiletto, so anything that creates a flat, relatively comfy footbed no longer registers as all that sassy. 

That said, the height derived from a high heel still changes your stature and gives you a more powerful presence. So here are a few ways to think about flatforms that you may not have considered before:

Positive Connotations:

  • Practical
  • Comfortable
  • No-Nonsense
  • Rlaxed
  • Casual
  • Safe

Negative Connotations:

  • Impractical (not as mobile as a sneaker or flat)
  • Clunky
  • Inelegant
  • Awkward (altered gait from the inflexible sole)
  • Tough/"Waffle Stompers"

To get the benefits of a flatform without seeming too unconcerned with elegance and figure flattery, look for a slimmer silhouette, a bit of a wedge, or feminine detailing like a patent finish or delicate straps.