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What to Wear to a Swap Party

It won't be long now! Our Spring Refresher Clothes Swap is TOMORROW, complete with free Arbonne facial treatments! There is still time to register for the event HERE.

If you will be joining us tomorrow - or if you are thinking of hosting your own swap party with a group of friends - you may find yourself a bit stuck for what to wear. After all, it is a social event with lots of friends... but you'll still want to be comfortable and able to try on lots of clothes. Here are my favorite tips to get you through the day feeling fresh and effortless:

  • Natural Makeup - We'll be having facials at our party, so you can come bare-faced if you like! But for other swap parties, there is no need to feel nekkid if you are uncomfortable without makeup. Just choose lighter colored lipsticks that won't totally destroy clothes if you happen to smudge. Also consider a makeup setting spray for your whole face. 
  • Easy-On, Easy-Off - In order to help you try things on more easily, I suggest looser-fitting separates that can be slipped off easily, like a tee and boyfriend jeans, pullover and tube skirt, or shorts and a tank. Avoid lots of buttons and layers and pants that require heels, as you may end up barefoot as you try items on.
  • Over-Easy - Also consider items that are lightweight enough to easily layer a blazer, sweater, or blouse over the top!
  • Slip-On Shoes - Same concept with the clothing: you don't want to fuss with buckles and socks every time you spot a cute shoe to try.
  • Minimal, No-Snag Jewelry - Opt for smooth bracelets, watches, and stud earrings or short necklaces over long, swingy, textured jewelry that will catch on clothes or be a pain to remove. 
  • Cute, No-Fuss Hairstyle - Try a braid, ponytail, bun, or casual waves that can take some physical activity and handling.

These tips are also great for fitting rooms, swap meets, and your own closet clean-out sessions! Happy swapping, have a fabulous weekend, and don't forget to come on over to join us tomorrow if you can!