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Catching Rae

Hemlines, Adornments, & Looking for Love

Image from   Smith College

Image from Smith College

I had intended to share another outfit idea with you today, but I realized that I needed to take a step back and give you a bit of a prelude before talking about outfits made for my single ladies. So today I'd like to discuss the ancient, mystical, super-duper-culturally-ingrained connection between clothing and mating. 

One of the oldest pieces of evidence for the use of clothing is a fringed waistband - or "string skirt" - which was basically used to exaggerate the look of pubic hair on women of child-bearing age. Men could spot the string skirt from afar and know instantly that she was a potential mate. As time went on, the use of the skirt evolved and changed depending on the culture and could include information like marital status as well - how convenient that one little garment could tell the world that you are Single and Looking, right?

Modern ladies have it harder. Not only are we legally prohibited from running about in nothing but a string skirt, but most of us also want more out of a relationship than a wham-bam night of mating. We want things like friendship, courtship, respect, kindness, and long walks on the beach - or hey, at least a couple of drinks - before the mating can happen. 

There are several ways that women can signal their interest in a partner, depending on A) what kind of partner they want and B) what type of relationship they want. These include:

  • Adornments - flashy, shiny, or otherwise eye-catching details to grab a guy's attention and make him look twice. Over-the-top adornments could make you seem high-maintenance, foppish, or even desperate. 
  • Necklines & Hemlines - showing a little skin helps them know you want a mate... but beware, because too much skin makes them think you just want to mate. This is one of the #1 mistakes women make. 
  • Color - colors are both memorable and emotional, so they help you stand out. Bright reds feel wildly passionate and create a sense of urgency, while dark blues feel more reliable and laid back. More on this here

So single gals, before you pick out those outfits for your V-Day singles parties, consider your relationship goals. Are you looking for marriage? Just looking to mate? Something in-between? Do you want your outfit to bellow your goal from the rooftop for every guy around to hear, or do you want it to wink slyly at the right person? What are your non-negotiable requirements for how you are treated? Is your look communicating these requirements, or is it giving everyone the wrong idea?

We'll take a look at a concrete application of this principle tomorrow, so come back and see me sometime!