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Catching Rae

Sunny Outdoor Eclectic

Yesterday, we looked at a Valentine's Day outfit suggestion for a Grunge Scientist Next-Door. Continuing the theme of accentuating your lovable self this month, today we'll have a look at an outfit for a Sunny Outdoor Eclectic!

The Sunny Outdoor Eclectic met her husband on a hiking tour of coastal California, and the outdoors have been an important part of their romance ever since. Her warm, upbeat, and optimistic attitude is one of his favorite things about her and makes a great balance to his stoic nature. They love to travel to far-off places together and spend all day hoofing it from one sight to the next. For Valentine's Day, they plan to hop in the car and stop for drinks wherever the wind takes them - reservations of all kinds be damned!

For her outfit, we focused on earthy colors that reflect her down-to-earth attitude and love of nature. Accents of yellow and gold emphasize her bright and friendly attitude, and details like beads, charms, fringe, khaki, and snakeskin lend an air of adventure to the look. Her key elements include:

  • Warm, bright colors
  • Earthy neutrals
  • Adventurous accessories
  • Travel souvenirs
  • Sleeveless dresses/tops to accentuate her sporty muscles

This outfit not only celebrates her passions for travel and hiking, but it also reminds the couple of all the wild times they've spent together - even while they sit comfortably sipping cocktails at a bar. Item details here

Not your thing? We'll get a little more feminine and sassy later in the week - stay tuned!