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Catching Rae

Grunge Scientist Next-Door

Yesterday, I threw down the gauntlet and challenged readers to set aside traditional heart motifs and look inward for this year's Valentine's Day outfit inspiration. To help you get an idea of how to accomplish that task, I'm sharing a couple of date night ideas for a personality I'm calling my Grunge Scientist Next-Door!

This gal is awesome, because she not only has a genuinely kind spirit in her day-to-day interactions, but she also dedicates her life to studies designed to save endangered animals. She is warm, friendly, and always considers others first when making decisions. She's a bit of a tomboy who loves a good concert tee to wear during the week. Her ideal Valentine's Day date probably involves stopping off at a local animal shelter (or two!) to donate special treats, meeting up with her boyfriend at a locally-owned restaurant for dinner, and then returning home for dessert and a late night listening to music.

For these V-Day outfit ideas, I referenced her lovable traits by looking for: 

  • Soft, comfortable, touchable fabrics
  • Soothing, reassuring colors
  • Modern 90s references as a call-out to her activist side
  • Subtly science-themed jewelry

More on sharing your most lovable traits with the world all this week - stay tuned! Outfit details here.