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A Valentine's Day Challenge: What Makes You Lovable?

I love me a deep red any day of the year, but this Valentines Day I'd like to challenge you to skip the Hallmark red-and-pink-chocolate-cherub theme and instead dress to the theme of Self Love - start with what makes you LOVABLE on the inside!

If you are in a relationship, what made your SO fall in love with you? If you are single, how would your ideal partner realize that you are The One? Is it your mutual love of outdoor adventures? Is it your wicked sense of humor? Is your kindred spirit also obsessed with Sci Fi B-Movies? Or are you empathetic and understanding enough to crack a tough exterior that no one else can? 

If there's one thing that my favorite books, movies, and life moments has taught me, it's that True Love - like, Princess Bride-style "twoo wove" - doesn't start with a body part. Your legs and chest and waist and sexy doe eyes are all wonderful attributes to accentuate, but those are all actually very generic womanly attributes. Every woman (barring special circumstances) has some kind leg and chest and waist and face. What makes you someone's One And Only is what's on the inside, and that is what you need to let the world see!

More on this theme all week, but just let that marinate for today. ;)