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Your Best Contrast & Texture

This week we've talked all about how mirroring your own features will help your look feel more authentic - as well as more high-quality, luxurious, and effortless. Today, we're rounding out our list of features to consider with Contrast and Texture. 


When we speak of contrast, we mean the difference between your dark features and your light features. These two stock photos show women with High Contrast Features - pale skin with very dark hair and bright lips, as well as very dark skin and white hair. These types of features look best when the wear a combination of their best light and dark colors. 

In these next examples, we see models who have much lower contrast in their features. Low Contrast individuals look better in looks with a minor difference between lighter and dark colors, such as tonal or monochromatic styles. 




Texture doesn't just mean how smooth or bumpy your skin is! Textural elements can appear in the form of things like freckles, highlights, lowlights, and eye color flecks. Once again, the idea is to mirror your own features. Those with more textural features will look better in small prints like ditsy florals or pinstripes than in big, bold, graphic prints. Conversely, someone with inky dark hair, no freckles, no highlights, and black eyes can handle much more solid blocks of color. Here are examples of one textural look and one solid look. 

I hope this series has helped you get in touch with your own features and look at them objectively to see what kinds of details will enhance your look and which will clash with or distort it. You can use this information by comparing it back to your 3-Word Style Statement as well as your brainstorm on Visually Translating Your Statement. Some ideas you had when envisioning your inner values may be eliminated as too harsh for your external appearance - or simply tweaked to be lighter, darker, softer, or more textural. 

Next week, we'll spend more time on applying these principles and I'll demonstrate with a series of looks to help you get ready for Valentine's Day! Never too early to plan for LOVE. ;)