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Parsing Trends: Spring/Summer 2017

We spent January discussing how to refresh your wardrobe with a unique look for 2017, and then we spent the first half of February practicing how to translate your personal values into Valentine's Day outfits that celebrate your inner beauty. Now that the holiday has passed, let's finish off the month by parsing the biggest spring trends to unpack what they would say about you. 

What does parsing mean?

Definition of parse
parsed; parsing
transitive verb
1a : to divide (a sentence) into grammatical parts and identify the parts and their relations to each other
b : to describe (as a word) grammatically by stating the part of speech and explaining the inflection (see inflection 3a) and syntactical relationships
2: to examine in a minute way : analyze critically

When we talk about parsing trends, we're talking about the last definition shown above: to examine in a minute way and analyze critically - but it also helps to consider the other definitions and think about clothing as elements of language. It's always helpful to go beyond the simple matters of "Do I like this?" or "Does it fit me?" and and try to articulate the style statements that accompany a particular trend. 

But why?

What if I told you that some crazy lady was going around town, talking about you non-stop - and that this person had absolutely zero verbal filter? She'll tell people anything! Whether it's private or sensitive or completely untrue!

Kind of scary, right? 

But that's essentially what happens when you dress in an unintentional way: your appearance says all kinds of things about you that you never signed-off on. You give people the wrong idea about how they can treat you, how serious you are, or how capable you might be. 

Hey, if people are going to judge you all day long (and yeah, they totally do), then they might as well judge the real you!


To help you get your head around this concept (and prepare for the imminent deluge of trendy fashion awesomeness!), take a look at my Parsing Trends series from this passed Fall:

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See you tomorrow, when we kick off our Spring Trend Evaluation-o-Rama! I'll be covering topics like ruffles, moto stripes, tiny bags, and more! Please let me know if there's a trend you're interested in, and I'll definitely add it to the line up!