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Have a Fearless Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a fearless and fierce Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you are spending today with people you love - and who love you in return. 

Think about the fears that are keeping you from embracing your full potential. Are you worried that people will only love you for your looks and forget to see the person inside? Are you afraid that, even if someone does love you, they'll ultimately disappoint you and leave? Do you fear that, even if you make an effort, you'll never be as pretty as you'd like? How are these thoughts ultimately hurting you? Can you see that they're totally, appallingly untrue?

Love is an action word, so think of actions you can take today (no matter how small) to be kind to yourself and allow your inner beauty to shine through. Squash the fears that tell you you aren't good enough. Kick that niggling little voice telling you to "cover up and hide" off the team. Wear what makes you happy. Primp and preen in a way that makes your body feel nurtured and cared-for. Choose colors that make you sparkle and glow. Wear some comfortable shoes tonight! Laugh, relax, and enjoy the moment in time. 

Embrace who you are and be boldly, 100% YOU. 

You can't get more beautiful than that. Really. :)