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Catching Rae

Romantic Metal Sophisticate

All last week, we've looked at Valentine's Day outfits for different personality types, and today we're finishing off the pre-VDay series with a look at a Romantic Metal Sophisticate. 

This woman has always loved gritty music like industrial, death metal, and even a little goth now and then. It's a big part of her life, but she has moved on from her old teen look. She's successful, artistic, and feminine - and she likes integrating that part of herself into her look. This Valentine's Day, she's doing an industrial club crawl with some girlfriends, but she wants any interested guys to know she enjoys a certain quality of life beyond the bar scene. 

This look tempers her aggressive side with details that are feminine, soft, and luxurious. The silk dress, genuine leather backpack, and high-luster jewelry provide a polished and sophisticated effect, while small details like black roses and a butterfly pendant skew ladylike. She maintains her edge with her tattoo sleeve, deep colors, and deadly details like zippers, chains, and claws. 

I hope this series has helped get you thinking about your own looks, even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day! Feeling uniquely alluring is one of the best perks of being a woman, so it's always good to know how to harness your own feminine mystique.