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Catching Rae

Lettered, Ladylike & Looking

This week, we're covering Valentine's Day outfit ideas for different personalities! We've covered a Grunge Scientist Next-Door, Sunny Outdoor Eclectic, and some philosophical thoughts on dressing as a single person. Today, we're going to expand on the latter subject and show you an outfit for a gal who is Lettered, Ladylike, & Looking. 

This person is currently single, but she has a hard time relating to a typical bar or club scene where she can't have a good conversation. She loves literature and film, and she has a decidedly soft, feminine, and romantic side. She is actively looking for a relationship, and for Valentine's Day she plans to hit up a couple of Meetup groups around town, including one literary discussion and one lounge mixer. 

For this woman, throwing on a short, skimpy dress would not only be a false advertisement of her personality, but it would also be counterproductive since it would attract men who want a Skimpy Dress Girl. Instead, to express her interest in a relationship, we've focused on sensual, touchable garments that also show just a little bit of skin. We've also brought in her more conservative, bookish side with long sleeve, a midi hemline, lower heels, and a set of custom necklaces that come together to form one of her favorite quotes. Her key elements include:

  • Feminine, eye-catching colors
  • Touchable, inviting fabrics
  • Smart, thought-provoking details
  • Conversation pieces
  • Conservatively-alluring cuts & lengths

If you're getting dressed at home and identify with some of these attributes but not others, you can easily switch out feminine colors for mysterious ones, conservative hemlines for more flirtatious ones, or intellectual details with funny ones. 

We'll continue this topic up through Valentine's Day - I hope you're getting those creative juices flowing for your own outfits!