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Style Stillness Challenge

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it's the perfect time to apply the spirit of thanks to our wardrobes as well as the rest of our lives. Holiday sales are already everywhere but, in a scant few weeks, we will surely be deluged with even more advertisements, wish lists, must-haves, and buy-nows!

Before that happens, it's extremely helpful to take a mental pause, reflect on what we already have, and allow ourselves to feel grateful for the clothes and accessories that have been there for us this passed year. 

The Stillness Challenge

I hereby challenge all the shoppers out there to take a Thanksgiving "Fashion Fast." Here's how it works:

  • Take a week (or more!) off from all the promotional emails, fashion feeds on Instagram, fitspo workout posts, catalogs, commercials, magazines, and sale flyers! If a fashion ad pops up on TV, change the channel or leave the room for a moment. 
  • Notice how you feel without the constant barrage of slick, shiny, new images. 
  • Notice the items and combinations you naturally reach for as you dress for your events.
  • When you feel the urge to browse, reconnect with your existing closet and get familiar with each item contained therein. 
  • Name your favorite items from this year and your personal outfit "wins."
  • Share your gratitude - either here or with your friends!

This year, I am already so grateful for my Dr. Martens wedge ankle boots, which have served me faithfully since 2011. I'm also excited to pull out all my Uniqlo heattech base layers, my 6-year-old wool coat, ancient vintage suede trench, and 11-year-old Japanese jeans.

The purpose of this exercise is to enable all of us to accurately and meaningfully reflect on our clothing collections - where do we experience abundance? How much utility are we getting? What brings us joy?

This will make us stronger shoppers later on by helping us repeat our successes and improve on past shopping mistakes. 

How about it - anyone up for a quick Fashion Fast before Black Friday??