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LadyLeader Workshop Recap


Omigosh, it's already been over a week since Tiffiani Sierra of Improv It Up and I wrapped our 4-Week #LadyLeader workshop, and I still can't get over how amazing it was!

Since the age of 15, I've been an ESPN athlete, competed in Model United Nations, Mock Trial, MESA, and Journalism, and also trained as a Nordstrom Leader - and let me tell you, those responsibilities came with a lot of leadership and team-building training! But nothing came close to being as clear, practical, and impactful to me as the holistic approach of #LadyLeader. 

Learning to communicate visually!

Learning to communicate visually!

This group learned how to have and project empathy, listen in a way that makes every speaker feel heard, stand and speak with confidence and authority, and model positive change through actions as well as wardrobe choices. We got in touch with our vulnerable sides AND with our no-nonsense "Shadow Selves" and learned how to access both softness and strength for our unique leadership roles. 

Renee and Veronica learn from one another's differing personalities.

Renee and Veronica learn from one another's differing personalities.

We laughed, we cried (but for real, though!), and learned a ton about ourselves and how others experience us in order to discover our Super Powers and create individual Power Outfits.

In fact, Tiffani and I agreed that this workshop was so darned helpful that we're planning to do it again next year!

Take a look at the Power Outfits each woman created, as well as an example of a Custom Color Palette, which was created for every attendee based on the unique tones of their skin, eyes, and hair. 

Huge thanks to Tiffani and to all of our fantabulous Lady Leader guests - your openness, empathy, and chemistry made for a truly magical workshop. :)

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Color Palette - Veronica.jpg
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