Subliminal Style
Effortless. Authentic. Professional.

Catching Rae

Embracing the Cat Lady

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 58°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Equipment silk blouse (Ebay), Max Mara vest (flea market), Citizens of Humanity jeans (flea market), Brahmin saddle bag (Ebay), Matisse "Vixen" booties (Shoemall)

Yesterday, we talked about being your own fashion designer and thinking about the items in your closet in a proactive way, so I wanted to share one of my long-time Crazy Cat Lady favorites with you! 

I've been a hardcore CCL long before it was trendy (basically all my life - no baby dolls for this little girl... just stuffed cats). It's a huge part of my life and my identity, so at some point I decided to embrace the crazy and add a collection of cat stuff to my wardrobe. I have jewelry, shoes, and a few tops, and it's been a great conversation-starter that helps me connect with other CCLs (Joy, if you are reading this, I am waving at you)! 

Cat prints can sometimes be too whimsical or twee for my personality, which is usually a bit more reserved, thoughtful, and analytical - but I do have a wacky side. So I try to look for cat elements that balance out the cat-ness with a bit of restraint, sophistication, polish, and luxury. On days when I'm feeling more dark and mysterious, I may choose cat jewelry instead of a blouse - or I may not wear anything cat-related at all. It's just one facet of my personality, and sometimes I may want to emphasize a different side of myself.

Any other crazy cat ladies out there? Do you advertise, or do you try to tone it down? How about any other quirky identifiers - crazy dog lady? crazy death metal music lady? How do you integrate these important influences into your look?