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How to Tell if Your Features are Warm or Cool

Knowing the undertones of your complexion is a huge help in determining which colors look best on you, but sometimes it's easier said than done. Here are a few ways you can gather intel. on your undertones at home:


Take a look at the insides of your wrists - do the veins there appear as blue, or do they look more green? If you are unsure, try comparing yourself to a few friends. Blue veins suggest cool undertones, while green veins suggest warm and purple veins suggest neutral. Some people may also display a combination, which might mean you have a neutral skin tone. If your veins are hard to see, you can take a picture of them and bump up the saturation in your photo editor to help the colors jump out.


Look closely at your eye color (use a magnifying mirror or take a close-up photo if you'd like). What colors appear in your iris? Green, orange, and gold warm up a complexion, while blues and grays cool it down. Brown eyes are the most common color in the world, so you may need to use other information to determine your undertone.


When you evaluate your hair in regards to your undertones, think about your natural, original hair color sans color processes. If your natural hair color looks or turns golden or auburn in the sun, then you may have a warm undertone. If your natural hair looks black and or turns ashy, platinum, or red, then you may have a cool undertone.


Ask a makeup artist to recommend a lipstick and blush for days when you don't have time to wear any other makeup. Even if you never actually run out of time to do your full face of makeup, the colors they suggest will help you determine your undertones. Peaches and browns will brighten up a warm complexion, while pinks and purples will look better with cool ones. If you are getting advice from salespeople you don't already know and trust, you may want to get 2-3 opinions to make sure of an accurate result.

If you're still having trouble, start asking people! Show them two different colors on you, one warm and one cool, and see which gets you a better reaction. Not everyone will be able to tell the difference, and not everyone will have the same taste level as you do, but at least it will give you more information to combine with all the above. 

Next up, we'll talk about your saturation levels!