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Catching Rae

I Used to Be Cool...

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 57°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Equipment cashmere sweater (flea market), Isaac Mizrahi for Target trench with cap sleeves removed (flea market), Theory pants (Marshall's), Timberland "Stratham Heights" boots (, "paws" cuff bracelet (flea market)

I used to be cool... or at least I had much cooler tones to my complexion!

One of the main reasons I don't do traditional color seasons with my clients is that so many different things can affect your overall coloring, including:

  • Getting/losing a tan (real or spray)
  • Highlighting/coloring your hair
  • Age
  • Health
  • Colored contacts or eyelash extensions (which can sometimes alter eye color)

When I worked on East-Coast time, arriving at the office before the sunrise and often returning home at dusk, I had fewer opportunities to bask in the sun - even in summer. My skin was much more pale, and my hair was so dark most people saw it as black. I favored much cooler colors, and makeup artists always gave me pinks and purples to wear. 

After I started my own business and moved down near the beach, however, I found myself outdoors all the time! Even in the Winter, my husband and I frequent outdoor flea markets, take hikes, and stroll around the neighborhood. My skin tans easily and has become much more of a caramel color, while my hair has also lightened slightly (especially in summer). My makeup artist also started choosing corals and peaches for me! Now, I'm choosing warmer colors like green and yellow much more than blue or pink. 

So if you're evaluating your image at home and you have either had your color seasons done or settled on a color palette years ago, take a moment to think about what may have changed in your life since then. Has your hair gone gray? Did you move to Alaska? Did you start tanning to aid your new bodybuilding career? You can also compare recent photos of yourself to older ones and see if you notice a difference in your coloring. 

It might sound like a pain in the rear do update your colors, but it is totally worth it. Sometimes, if you feel that you look older or more tired than you should, the problem can simply be that you are wearing a color that washes you out and drains the life from your complexion - and buying a few new tops is much less expensive than a facelift. ;)

More about your colors and how to figure out your undertones tomorrow!