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Show Me What You're Working With (How to Evaluate Your Existing Image)

We had lots of fun this month, learning how to set achievable style goals, look inward and decide how you want to be seen, and plan your ideal image by thinking like designer (and not a consumer). It might feel like high time to hit the mall and start filling your closet with things that more accurately reflect the inner you! 

BUT, if you still feel stuck at this point, it may be because a successful wardrobe must enhance both the inner you and the outer you - and the latter is just what we're set to address this week.

Today, take a few moments as you go about your routine and practice making objective observations about your own features. This is not the time to pick apart every flaw in the proverbial light of day - beating yourself up about a "big butt" or "small eyes" won't help anyone. Instead, try to stay completely neutral and verbalize details about yourself as if you were simply describing an animal or a piece of abstract art. 

Face & Hair

Your face and hair are two highly important elements in your image, because you wear them every single day, whether you like them or not! As humans, we also look one another in the face as we talk for cues on emotions, personality, urgency, veracity, and on and on and on. As you take stock of your face and hair, think about these types of details:

  • Hue - What color is your hair? Your eyes? Your lips? If you have hazel eyes, is the brown mixed with blue or gold? Are your eyes and teeth bright white, or off-white? Is your skin pale, pink, or brown? Do you know which colors make you feel great and get you noticed? Which ones don't?
  • Value - How much black appears in your features? How much white? Is your hair going gray (even if it's colored now)? Is your skin tone deep and olive?
  • Saturation - How "bright" is your coloring? Is your hair an inky black? Are your lips bright pink, even without lipstick? 
  • Contrast - How do your features relate to one another? Is your hair drastically darker than your skin? Or do you appear low-contrast, with blonde hair and golden skin that are almost the same shade?
  • Luster - Is your hair shiny? Dull? How about your skin? Your eyes?
  • Texture - Do you have high-texture hair, with lots of color variation? Is your hair spiky? Do you have freckles? 

Body Shape

Body shape is the most commonly-addressed feature out there on style websites, but most sites only address the horizontal axis - i.e., whether we are shaped like an apple, pear, hourglass, or carrot. The vertical axis - which describes how long and short different areas are - is just as important, however. Think about:

  • Horizontal Axis - How WIDE are your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips in relation to one another?
  • Vertical Axis - How LONG are your neck, chest, bust, torso, and legs? Do some areas feel long and lean, while others feel squat or compact? 

Existing Wardrobe

  • What colors are well-represented? What colors are scarce?
  • Have you been gravitating to certain patterns? What kinds of things are in the patterns? Flowers? Animals? Dots?
  • What size are the pictures in the patterns?
  • What do people NOTICE about you when you go to work/church/etc.?
  • How do you FEEL in your clothes as you go about your day?

We'll discuss the meaning of all this data later in the week - and show you how it can help you tweak your Ideal Image to be most harmonious with your physical body. First up will be the face and hair, and we'll talk all about skin tone, coloring, and color "seasons."