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Why Set Style Resolutions?

Before we get into the best ways to keep your style resolutions for 2017, it's important to take a step back and ask why we're making them in the first place. New Year's Resolutions go famously un-resolved all the time - so what's the point in making them?

1. You can't do everything.

And you can't have everything. And you can't be everything. That said, you do always have a choice of how to leverage YOUR resources, and resolutions are a great way to create a focused, strategic game plan for getting the things you really, truly want out of life (and get the things you really, truly want into your closet). By deciding what you will focus your attention on this year, it frees you up to NOT worry about (read: waste money and closet space on) everything else.

2. You can do always do more with the right tools...

...and your image is a super-powerful tool. Your style can help you connect with the right people, stand out amongst your competitors, and communicate your values quickly and efficiently. No matter what your life goals, your image can always help you achieve them!

3. Intentional evolution is an investment in yourself. 

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror, and wondered how in the hell you got into such a rut? We all do it! We give all our attention to our spouses, children, jobs... and we forget all about what makes us excited and vibrant. Thinking about how you want to present yourself in the new year is a perfect way to re-center yourself, remember who you are, reflect on how you've grown, and re-invest in your most valuable asset: yourself.

Have you set any style resolutions this year? If you have, you can make them even stronger by thinking about how you will be using your look to enhance the deeper and more essential parts of your life. Do you want to find your ideal mate in 2017? Get a promotion? Spend more time at the park with your dog, who's honestly getting a little chubby?

Tomorrow, we'll talk a little more about resolutions, how to get to the true why behind your goals, and how your "why" statement will make you a bazillion times more likely to achieve what you desire.