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Catching Rae

Fashion-Forward Corporate Tomboy

The theme for this week is translation - that is, taking your 3-Word Style Statement of inner values and transforming them into external cues in your everyday outfits. Today, I'm sharing a profile of one of my real-life clients, who identifies as a Fashion-Forward Corporate Tomboy.

This woman is a total go-getter and rainmaker who works in a male-dominated business industry. She's felt comfortable hanging with the boys all her life, enjoying sporty looks over bodacious hourglass silhouettes any day - however, she's also a diehard creative who collects inspiration from fashion magazines regularly and feels great in high-quality, au courant attire. 


A tomboy is a girl who likes to play with the boys - this is decidedly different from an androgynous woman who may want to look gender-neutral or more masculine. A tomboy is recognizably feminine, yet also tough and un-afraid of climbing trees and scraping knees.

To satisfy the side of my client that loves to be seen as one of the guys, we based her wardrobe on her favorite neutrals. We also incorporated traditional - and non-traditional - menswear pieces like blazers, vests, and even trousers sourced right from the mens department for a cheeky take on the boyfriend pant. Some of her favorite tomboy elements are:

  • Vests
  • Blazers
  • Oxford Shoes
  • Loafers
  • Menswear neutrals like navy, black, and taupe
  • Neckties
  • Boyfriend Pants


As much as my client can hold her own with the men in her corporate office, she is also a Fashionista! So we make a point to refresh her wardrobe every season to keep it current and modern. This year, we tempered her menswear with fashionable womenswear items like:

  • Pointed-Toe Shoes
  • Mules
  • Booties
  • Peplum Details
  • Sheer-Backed Blazers
  • Culottes/Gauchos
  • Skinny Scarves
  • Trendy Handbags
  • Statement Jewelry


My client's job is a big part of her life and her identity, so while it can be easy (and sometimes fun) to forget about traditional office attire, it's important to my client to always look like she means business. To this end, we make sure not to over-fill her closet with statement pieces and keep a good amount of official-looking basics on hand:

  • Classic Pumps
  • Straight Leg Trousers
  • Turtlenecks
  • Silk Blouses
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Tailored Suits
  • A Simple Business Tote
  • Sheath Dresses

This is just one 3-Word Style Statement, and the possibilities are infinite! You may not resonate with this look at all, but I hope it can still help you see how you can unpack your own statements at home. If you do see any similarities with your own statement, you can also use these bullet-point lists of design elements as a springboard for your custom look. 

I have one more (very different!) example to share with you tomorrow - and next week we'll discuss the practical steps you can take to take your new signature style from concept to reality. 'Cuz how many of us can just toss out the whole wardrobe and buy a new one, right??