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Catching Rae

Stained Glass & Stone

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Casual
Outdoor Temps: 67°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Helmut Lang sweater (flea market), Theory skirt (bday gift from my BFF Amanda!), textured tights (flea market), Fergie "Major" booties (Nordstrom), DIY pulley pendant (hardware store)

Birthday gift alert! I was so grateful for the warmer temperatures this week, because they allowed me to bust out this flirty cotton skirt I received from my BFF Amanda! 

Not only does this print contain blue roses and the color citron (two of my very favorite things), but it also resembles stained glass, which I totally dig for its Gothic, old-world feel (Gothic like the architecture, not so much like the vampires. Although I sorta kinda dig those, too. Spiiiike!).

I wanted to play up the cathedral vibe for winter, so I paired my new skirt with this trusty old Helmut Lang sweater. The color reminds me of stone walls, and the draping and curved hem evoke stately, curved arches. I finished the look off with textured tights that mimic the stained glass pattern, chunky boots to balance the volume of my sweater, and my pulley necklace as another tongue-in-cheek nod to masonry.

Amanda, I hope you approve! Thank you for being my certified blue rose hunter and finding me yet another fantastic piece!