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Your 3-Word Style Statement

This week, we've talked about Thinking Like a Designer and Deciding How You Want to Be Seen as you work on creating your unique, authentic look. Now I have one final trick for you to help get you clear on where your style is going before we dive into the clothes and aesthetics next week!

Today, think about all the statements you generated for yourself about how you want to be seen in the world - and distill those values down to just 3 words. 

I learned this trick during my time on the awesome and supportive fashion forum over at, and it's always stayed with me. This exercise helps your mind focus on your core values easily and efficiently every morning when you're half asleep, stressed, rushed, and still trying to put together a dazzling outfit. 

A couple of examples:

One of my single clients wanted her dates to see her as conservative and classy, yet fun and upbeat. She loves Classical art and architecture, is fluent in French, and would love to one-day travel through Europe with her husband. Yet she also loves the fun vibe of the 60s, Lucy Ricardo, and Star Trek! She wants someone who will hold her in high regard, treat her with care and gentleness, and who would join her for dinner at upscale restaurants. She identifies as intellectual and feminine.

Her 3-Word Style Statement is "Classic, Artistic, Romantic."

Another client is focusing on her business this year. Her business practice is in the financial industry, and she wants her clients to know that she will help grow and protect their wealth in a safe and ethical manner. She knows that after the housing crisis of 2008, many people fear being taken advantage of, so her practice is centered on the values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and a methodical approach that helps her clients better understand their finances. As an individual, she also offers her clients exceptional empathy, patience, and personal attention.

Her 3-Word Style Statement is "Honest, Relatable, Methodical."

Take some time over the weekend to play with some words that might sum up your own style goals. Which ideas overlap? Which are most important? Which might be more peripheral? 

Next week, we'll start on the practical application of these style statements and answer the question I know you all have:

How do I translate one verbal statement into an entire closet full visual statements?