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Throwback Thursday: The Art & Science of Butt Flattery

I am out sick today. :( 

But never fear - here's an oldie-but-goodie that never seems to lose relevance. Read on to learn a little about how back pocket shapes and seaming details on your jeans, swimwear, leggings, and shorts affects the final look of your backside...


Originally Posted Friday, April 17, 2015

Tuckus flattery has been very much on my clients’ minds lately. Which jeans are best? What swimwear brand lifts and rounds? 

Sadly, there is no easy answer or single brand that can be sure to flatter every backside out there - there is simply too much variation in booty build for any one brand to handle. Seriously, think of the billions of backsides in the world versus the 5-10 pant brands hanging in any given department store. There is no one ring to rule them all. Period. 

However! When trying on a pair of bottoms, there are a few things you can keep in mind to make your search quicker and easier.

The first thing to do is decide how you’d like to visually “sculpt” your backside. What shape do you have, and what shape is your personal ideal or goal? Are you looking to take your bum from saggy to perky and pronounced? Do you want to go from very pronounced to more understated? Just as there is no universally flattering jean or bikinin bottom, there is also no universally idealized backside - if there was, then Sir Mixalot would not exist. Exactly. 


Detail Placement

Anyway, now that you’ve decided on what you’d like your bum to look like, think of a 3D model of that shape, and how the light would hit it. The sun is overhead, and almost every place uses overhead lighting, so think of how the light strikes it from above - that’s where you should place the details on your rear! If you’re unsure, or if you don’t see your ideal shape here, it can help to do an image search online. Apple? Pumpkin? Pear? Go get it. :) Note that if you like your bum just the way it is, you can also aim to have the pockets centered on your glutes (no distortion). 


Detail Shape

Okay, so once you’ve piled your fitting room full of bottoms with high/low/wide/narrow/centered pockets, you’ll have to decide which one is “the best.” If you’re having trouble deciding, think once again about your goals. Where do you want the volume to appear? Where should it disappear? Generally, seams, designs, and pockets that follow the outward curves of your body will round out those cheeks. Think of the lines on a globe - if you want more volume dead center, then the details should hit around the equator. If you could do without rounding, then details that appear straight when you put them on will help flatten the bum out. 

Also: once you’ve found a killer pair of pockets out there, take note of the brand! Even if it’s outside your price range, you can a) save up, b) shop secondhand, or c) work with a custom service. Trust me, after trying on hundreds of sub-par styles, you’ll be sorry if you can’t remember which one you’d sell your left arm for... true story. ;)

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