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Catching Rae

Verdant Feels

Occasion: Visionboard Party!
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 88°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Becca swim coverup (Nordstrom Rack), Forever 21 cami (Forever 21), vintage DIY dress-turned-skirt (flea market), Evereve necklace (Evereve), Stadard Style bracelet (Standard Style).

Our Vino & Visionboards party this week proved to be a bit of a challenge for dressing - simply because it was so darn hot! All I wanted to do after a long 100-degree day at work was jmp in the pool, but I needed to feel stylishly professional, appropriate for fall, and comfortable enough for arts & crafts. 

In terms of comfort in the heat, which was the #1 priority (it's hard to look chic with huge pit stains on your clothes), I knew I needed to wear a breezy skirt loose fitting blouse. From there I narrowed it down to the tops that could be tucked in and the skirts that looked professional. In the end, I settled on this green combo because it's one of my signature colors and the color of growth - perfect for a goal-setting party!

For accessories, I kept it simple and unfussy with a modern pearl "set" I cobbled together on a trip to Kansas City. The Y necklace is from Evereve, while the bracelet came from Standard Style, but I just love how it looks like they were meant for each other. I also love that the gumball pearls are almost the same size as the mother of pearl button on the skirt - I can't help it: matchy-matchy jewelry tends to make me smile. The black peep toe booties act as another nod to fall while echoing the modern look of the jewelry. 

I honestly can't stand waiting for the weather to let me wear my coats and boots - but until I learn how to control the weather with my phenomenal psychic powers, I'm glad that I can keep cool and get into my moody Fall groove.