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Catching Rae

Lush Lace Lady

Occasion: Business Seminar
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 82°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Ya Los Angeles top (Ebay), Theory jacket (Goodwill boutique), Mossimo skirt (flea market), Specialchoice tote (Ebay), Hollywould sandals (swapped with a friend), tortoiseshell bangle (inherited from mother), Kate Spade sunnies (flea market).

My obsession with green continues, and I regret nothing! I picked up this Target brand pencil skirt for a buck at the flea market and it makes me feel like queen of the emerald city paired with my key lime chiffon top. It doesn't hurt that the design is reminiscent of DVF or that the waistband is made of really comfy elastic. ;)

This outfit was for another day of seminar study, so I still needed to look professional and put together. I thought about wearing black as my neutral instead of white, but since this seminar takes place during the day and I want to express a fun and upbeat image, I opted for white instead. The gold-tone hardware, brown buttons and handbag, lace texture, and moody green combo (not to mention the weather!) keeps the ensemble from looking jarringly summery.

One other fun element I can't help but share is how the pleats of my jacket combine with the pleats of the top to form a rad high-lo bustle-ish thing! I love an unexpected style surprise!

I have one more day to go at the seminar, so stop by tomorrow for another office appropriate outfit for the hotumnal transition into fall.