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Catching Rae

Bodysuit On Duty

Occasion: Business Seminar
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 78°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Unbranded bodysuit (new at flea market), Sugarcloth culottes (Sugarcloth), cognac tote (Ebay), Two Lips loafers (swapped with BFF), pearl necklace (handmade gift from a friend)

There's no denying that bodysuits are huge right now, but the common bodysuit look is super tight, super sexy, low-cut, and generally inappropriate for the workplace. Conversely, classic button front shirts can be notorious for coming untucked or twisting and blousing and bunching throughout the day. Thankfully, there are a few bodysuits out  that combine the best of both worlds. 

I shared these Sugarcloth culottes the other day, and I love them because of their voluminous,  flowy fit... but that much volume can easily overwhelm me and make me look heavier when paired with more volume on top. For this business casual setting, my plaid bodysuit is the perfect answer: a neat, clean, slim-yet-modest fit that stays tucked in all day long and rocks the business world, too.

With the print, built in culottes belt, and volume going on, I didn't want to add another bold design element to the mix - but I do like to have some sparkle near my face in a business setting to help draw attention to my face. With that in mind, I added this awesome black and white necklace, which was handmade just for me during a Secret Santa exchange years ago. The necklace adds just enough texture and shine without going overboard, plus the sentimental value goes a long way to keeping me pumped up during a long seminar.

Last but not least, the bag and shoes are here to add a bit of warmth and some businesslike height & power, respectively. I've had the bag for many years now, but the shoes are a totally fortuitous acquisition from my BFF, who conveniently cleaned out her closet just as I was lusting after the loafers-and-cropped-pants look. These are a higher heel than I normally wear, but they are perfect for a day of sitting and note-taking... and they make me feel super tall and grown-up, too. ;)

If you're on the hunt for a work-appropriate bodysuit of your own, click through to the Polyvore to see a few picks that are available now!

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