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Vino & Visionboards

What a fun time! Wednesday night was Vino & Visionboards night, co-sponsored by my good friend Andrea, and together we really turned the rec room into a craft-o-rama! 

Andrea is a Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed, and after a while we noticed repeated similarities between her financial planning process and my image & branding process. This is because clothes and cash are both powerful vehicles used to help us construct our "level-10" lifestyles...

... and that's where the visionboards come in! If you want to build something big, you've got to know what you're building and have a plan, and visualization is integral to the goal-setting process. Once you can really see what it is you're after, you can also see what you need to achieve it.

Andrea and I had tons of fun and a lot of laughs with this group. I'm grateful to have spent the evening with a room full of thoughtful, ambitious, creative women! You all represented so many different careers - from dancing to acting to healthcare to fashion - yet we were all united by a passion for proactive self-improvement. 

If you missed this event, I hope you'll join us next time! Mark your calendars for November 12th and the Imaginary Style Dinner - where we can all finally wear That Thing We Always Swore We Would Totally Wear Someday But Didn't. ;) It's a fabulous way to get use out of a beloved closet orphan and get back in touch with what is (and isn't) serving you well in your wardrobe. 

Thanks for sharing this pic on Instagram, Vanessa!

Thanks for sharing this pic on Instagram, Vanessa!