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Sister Shopping Haul

My little sister came to town from the San Diego area yesterday, and we were able to squeeze in a lunch between lots of work-related mayhem! Naturally, we had to pop into a few shops on the way back to the car, and we both found some fun things to share with you!

Irene's Story Ear Climber earrings: $16

These puppies fit sideways on the ear - they're different from anything I had at home, look awesomely science-y, and are really comfortable to wear!


Sugarcloth Faux Suede Belted Culottes - $15

I have been wearing some experimental wide-leg crops for a few months now, and they've been making me very happy! So when I saw this sueded version on sale, with a more flowy fit and wintry feel than my existing ones, I decided to take the plunge. They have a really fun pleat that starts low on the hip, which is great for not emphasizing The Dreaded Tummy Pooch.


Sugarcloth Velvet Stretch Flares - $45

Stock Photo from

Stock Photo from

I couldn't get a fab photo of these, so I'm using the stock image, but these are my sister's new velvet flares! They fit perfectly to the knee and then kick out with a subtly flowy leg. Very soft, stretchy, and flattering on her! She also got a crop top and Pearl Jam shirt that aren't online.

If you've never been to Sugarcloth before, it's a really fun place filled with vintage, upcycled, and new merch. There's always something fun and unique to look at there - special shout-out to the sales rep who saw my NIN/Soundgarden tee and suggested we look at the band shirts!

My friend Andrea and I are hosting a super fun Vino & Visionboards party tonight, so stop by tomorrow to check out the outfits, visions, and visionaries! If you are local, stop on by and join us!

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