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Reader Request: Quick Guide to Jewelry

One of my readers recently made a fantastic suggestion for the blog, so I am filling her request today with a quick guide on when and how to wear jewelry! Jewelry is ultimately a versatile tool to help your outfits look more interesting, balanced, flattering, and like the real you

1. Fill bare or boring areas

In the above image, the left and middle examples show jewelry deployed to visually "fill up" places that are left bare by the clothing. These are great fill-in-the-blanks opportunities for which to deploy your jewelry! The far right image shows an outfit that is already busy and voluminous - adding a necklace here would just be too much. 


2. Counterpoint an idea

Jewelry is also a fab way to dial in your unique personality - so if parts of your outfit veer off too far in one direction, you can reel yourself back in with an accessory. The left example shows a very casual top that gets dressed up with sparkle, while the middle image shows a masculine blazer counter-weighted with a feminine necklace. The far right example already involves a very dressy and feminine top, so the dressy and feminine necklace adds no new information and just ends up feeling cluttered.


3. Balance color or proportion

Just like jewelry can balance out your ideas, it can also balance out off-kilter colors and proportions. The left example balances clunky boots with a chunky necklace, and the middle prevents the body from being too chopped in half by balancing the gold bottoms. The far right example shows a necklace getting completely lost in its matching dress - this leaves the booties feeling disjointed and not part of a cohesive outfit.


4. Raise or lower an unflattering neckline

Necklaces are also the perfect tool to raise or lower an unflattering neckline when you either can't or don't want to get your top altered. The left and middle images demonstrate how adding a necklace can both elongate your neck and fill in an inappropriately low-cut v-neck. In the far right image, if we assume the wearer feels too busty or short-necked in a crewneck, matching the neckline with a choker only exacerbates the problems.


I hope these examples help out my Anonymous Reader - and please let me know of any other tips, tricks, or explanations you have been searching for!