Subliminal Style
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Catching Rae

"Button-Down" the Hatches

Occasion: Errands, business calls, and work from home
Dress Code: none (except getting myself in the mood to work)
Outdoor Temps: 70°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Theory short sleeve shirt (flea market), AG "Petite Belle" flares (Nordstrom Rack), vintage bag (Goodwill boutique), Matisse "Nugent" booties (Ebay), vintage chain mail necklace (flea market).

After two weeks of fighting off various ailments, I was determined to get lots of work done - and cuddling up in pajamas or lounge wear just wouldn't do. I needed to feel like I meant business and that I could handle whatever might come my way, so out came a fitted button down shirt... and my chain mail.  

Fun fact: "button down" shirts technically have these little buttons built in to hold the collar in place, while "button front" shirts are more generic and simply button closed in front. I usually don't like button downs, because the extra buttons add a degree of stiffness and propriety for which I typically have little use. Between the short sleeves and figure hugging fit of this shirt, though, it has enough of a sassy element to make me smile.

I love how buttoning the chain mail necklace inside the shirt collar compounds one brand of seriousness with another - and yet sortakinda pokes fun at the situation, too. It's garb for a very polite and proper battle to the death. Have at you!

I'm also sporting a new-to-me black, silver, and gold striped bag that makes me think of Carnivale and Venice, Italy. The Husband and I traveled to Venice for our honeymoon, so the association kept me in great spirits and made me smile all day. Not bad for $6!

All in all, this outfit did its job. I had a productive day, no-nonsense day with a few laughs on the side. I'll be pleased when the weather cools down some more and allows me to wear this shirt for more active outings and appointments!