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How to Clean-Out a Closet - The Video!

I've written before about How to Clean a Closet, How to Organize Your Closet for ease of use, and How to Fill Our Your Wardrobe after a purge.

But I know that it often helps to look at concrete examples and talk things out, so today I'm exceedingly grateful to be able to introduce this How to Clean Out a Closet video!

For privacy purposes, my client did not want to appear in the video, but you can hear her speak off camera about her real-life closet purge process, the difficulties and benefits of letting things go, and and our rationale behind each keep-or-toss conundrum. Thank you SO much for opening your wardrobe up to the blogosphere, Secret Client! Muah!

If you're in the process of making room for your new Fall arrivals, take a look! It's about 5 minutes long and is designed to orient you and get those cleaning juices flowing.