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Catching Rae

Long Weekend, Truncated Trunks

Occasion: Errands around town
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 80°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Natori top (flea market), Miss Sixty wide legs (flea market), vintage crossbody (flea market), Revibe necklace (Stuff boutique in KC, MO), 

Keeping it casual another day as Labor Day Weekend gets one step closer! 

We've been toasty in LA with temps reaching 80-90 depending where I've worked, and I have to say that these wide-leg cropped jeans continue to be favorites. When you just. need. airflow to protect your nethers from that horrid swampy feeling - and you need a degree of modesty - these babies are fantastic. They have been a real workhorse all summer long for me, and since crops are in for Fall, they'll be a fab transitional piece as well. 

Cropped wide legs can very easily make a shortie like me feel instantly squat, stocky, and wide, though - so if you're itching to bust out your own crops this weekend and aren't sure how to do it, try these quick troubleshooting ideas:

  • Crop 'em more! Most brands are cutting for models with tall, long bodies that can handle different proportions. Moving your hems up about a head length from the floor can help balance your figure.
  • Wear a shorter top. If you're normally one for tunics and skinnies, you'll have to invert your thinking for cropped wide legs. Try a top that hits around the hip - or if your pants have a high enough rise, try a top that stops just below your natural waist. 
  • Wear nude-for-you shoes. When you have short legs, the last thing you need to do to them is visually chop them up with another line. Leg-colored shoes preserve as much length as possible.
  • Demand drape. Stiff tops that poof or stand away from the body will add even more width and bulk, but super hot days mean that clingy tops are uncomfortable, too. Look for a top that's loose enough to provide airflow, yet that collapses into the body enough to show a nice shape. 

Happy Weekend to those who are taking off tomorrow! Wishing you a safe, satisfying, and stylish summer finale!