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Reader Request: How to Organize Jewelry

Last week on my Facebook page, reader Alexandra wrote:

I have a question- how do you recommend storing jewelry? I love to accumulate, but keeping it organized is a challenge! Thanks!

The #1 complaint I hear from my clients about their jewelry is that they have a lot of it and either a) keep reverting to the same pieces or b) tend to forget to wear jewelry altogether! To solve this problem and keep your jewelry neatly organized, I insist on three basic rules:

  • Keep it divided
  • Keep it handy
  • Keep it visible

Keep it divided

Image via   Etsy

Image via Etsy

This might seem like an obvious answer, but it's also the easiest rule to break - especially in a world where super-cute costume jewelry is inexpensive and infinitely accessible. We tend to keep buying more and more until our neat little necklace pile becomes a behemoth Katamari ball, entangling neighborhood cats and fence posts wherever you go. 

To avoid tangling - of necklaces especially - I love to limit groups of items to about 2-3 pieces. To this end, choose an organizer with plenty of hooks, nooks, and crannies. I like Command brand wall hooks as well as decorative hook strips like this one from Etsy. The more hooks, the better!

If your collection is too large to fit in/on your organizer, take a hard look at your collection to see if you actually need all of it. If you need help purging, check out my posts on How to Clean a Closet and the 9-Point Checklist to determine how well a piece represents you. 

Keep it handy

Image via   Hellosociety

Image via Hellosociety

This rule is important to make sure you actually use your awesome stuff! By keeping it "handy," I mean to actually keep it within "hands" reach of your closet, so that you can easily grab a piece and see how it looks with your OOTD. 

Because nothing says forget-the-necklace-you-just-have-to-get-out-the-door-already like keeping your jewelry clear across the room, far far away from where you're getting dressed.

If you don't have a convenient spot to hang a string of hooks near your closet, definitely keep your jewelry storage near your best mirror for outfit-checking. My clients have had great luck with over-the-door solutions and jewelry amoires that double as mirrors. 



Keep it visible

Image via   Etsy

Image via Etsy

Out of sight, out of mind is an age-old adage for a reason. If at all possible, organize your jewelry setup so that your eye can see and easily distinguish each individual piece.

This will help get those creative juices flowing and get you excited about new outfit combinations. How often do you see a piece of jewelry styled in a store or magazine and get drawn into the entire vibe of the entire outfit? Having the jewelry out near your clothes makes it so much easier to get that feeling at home!

Decorative storage solutions like natural wood jewelry trees, faux antler hooks, and jewelry screens set in vintage frames are killer ways to turn your jewelry into veritable works of art. 


Image via   Ideastand

Image via Ideastand

An exception to these rules can be for fine jewelry, which requires a bit more TLC in order to prevent wear-and-tear and tarnishing. It is still good to keep these things close at hand for your outfit creating process, but they are better stored in a proper jewelry box. You can also use tricks like chalk or tarnish strips to keep your baubles looking bubbly. :)