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Catching Rae

Maxi & Moto, Day & Night

Occasion: Decorating, then a birthday dinner
Dress Code: Smart Casual, then Festive
Outdoor Temps: 84°F, then 70°F
Activity Level: Moderate - Low
Wearing: Helmut Lang tank dress, Topgirl Korean moto, Crocs sandals, Iacucci flap bag, Raen sunnies - then Isola jeweled sandals, unbranded necklace, Brahmin wristlet

The Husband and I honestly don't partake in many activities requiring "night on the town" attire, so I don't stock much of it in my closet. Instead, I like to double-down on everyday favorites and dress them up with shiny shiny shoes. 

I initially wore this outfit for a very casual girls' afternoon helping a friend redecorate her apartment. The loose asymmetrical maxi dress provided enough ventilation for the heat of the day, the cheerful orange cotton moto kept the chill off during our Aaron Brothers and OSH pit stops, and the Crocs platforms kept my feet happy all day long.

This past weekend, I felt drawn to this outfit again - to celebrate a different friend's birthday under completely different circumstances.  There would be French comfort food, cake and champagne, and a room full of people I hadn't met. My main priorities were to look friendly and feel comfortable eating, and the orange and teal combo called out to me as simultaneously cheerful, relaxed, and casually feminine.  

For this new setting, though, I definitely to bust out some bling.  On went both a statement filgree necklace and statement bejeweled sandals, with an understated phone clutch to tote my essentials.

It always makes me happy to get a ton of use from my favorite pieces, and these little details were enough to make the combe feel completely transformed to me. They also eliminated the need for a separate (and little used) wardrobe capsule, which saves time, money, and a lot of party dress stress. 

Here's to good friends, versatile dresses, and sparkly accessories!