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Catching Rae

Summoning Myself

Occasion: Client meeting
Dress Code: Creative Business Casual (no a/c)
Outdoor Temps: 88°F, humid
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Silk top with no tag (flea market), Express mesh skirt (flea market), Express double strand necklace (flea market), vintage bag (flea market), Alexis Bittar bracelet (Nordstrom Rack), cat ring (Antique fair), vintage cat mules (flea market)

We end up talking a lot about how outfits will be received by others on this blog, but sometimes we also need to dress to give ourselves a boost. The day I wore this outfit, I worked with a client who was facing a complex decision. I definitely wanted to show up looking professional, organized, and low-maintenance for my client - but in order to best do my job for the day, I felt I needed to tap into some of my quirky, out-of-the-box thinking.

Because of the heat, I knew I was limited to a dress or a skirt, so I chose a very lightweight, airy skirt with draped detail that excites my eyes. I paired that with an abstract print top involving some of my favorite sour colors. And then I proceeded to pile on all the jewelry that called to me (which seemed to revolve around a theme of mixed-metal, translucence, and cats, whatever that may say about my mental state.)

Overall, adding these little details acted like a bit of a mental note to myself and helped me:

  • Focus my thoughts in a particular direction
  • Expand the scope of our solutions
  • Direct myself toward unconventional ideas

I always dress for myself in the sense that everything in my closet makes me happy and represents a quality about myself that I value. When meeting with clients, I also always dress for them in the sense that I strive to respect dress codes and bring relevant energy to the session. But I think we all need a little something extra sometimes - and wearing that "something" as part of your outfit is both convenient and effective. It's always there in easy reach to act as a touchstone or talisman if you need it, and never needs to be hidden away!

If you're looking for a mental boost like this, but aren't sure what to use, some of my favorite ideas are:

  • Mementos from special trips/vacations
  • Pieces depicting your favorite flower/animal/symbol
  • Garments or gemstones in a meaningful color for you
  • A gift from someone who loves and supports you
  • Something you splurged on to celebrate yourself

And of course, you don't have to wear them all at once like I did.

But you can if you want to. ;)