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Parsing Trends: "Bodacious" Purple

Continuing this 2016 series on color trends, today's post analyses Bodacious Purple!

Hue: Pantone describes Bodacious as unexpected, bright, rich, and sophisticated. As a mix of purple and pink, Bodacious possesses attributes of both those colors, combining the fantasy of purple with the feminine side associated with pink. It is non-threatening, calming, and emotional... as well as extravagant, fantastical, and creative. Thinking of where this color appears in the world, it evokes images of lipsticks and blushes, all sorts of flowers, Valentine candies, sunsets, Lisa Frank trapper-keepers, rock n' roll hairdos, Legally Blonde, and so on. It's cool undertones will work best on cool skin tones.

Image from Pantone

Image from Pantone

Value: At about 72% purity, Bodacious is indeed a vibrant, rich, an bold color. It's not a totally- shocking hot pink, but it's on its way there. Since this color leans toward the pure side, it will look great on cool, clear complexions that don't have many freckles, natural depth to the skin tone, or golden tans.

 Saturation: 42% saturation means there is a significant amount of gray in this color mix. This softens the bright and bold qualities of Bodacious, but it also intensifies the soft and emotional qualities. It is a good choice for those who may have gray/ashy hair and eyes, but it's harder to wear for those with bold, bright, highly saturated coloring.

Hand, weight, contrast, luster, texture, and fit will all affect the overall look of an actual piece of clothing as well. A body-conscious, sequined, boldly patterned garment in Bodacious would clearly look more extravagant, fantastical, emotional, and feminine than ever before - while an oversized, boxy, stiff tweed pantsuit would subvert the color's effects quite a bit. 

So are you ready to become a Bodacious babe this Fall??