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Ajustements de Vêtements: 3 Secret Weapons to Fix Poor Fit

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Casual
Outdoor Temps: 76°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Bailey 44 sweetheart top (Nordstrom Rack), Orna Farho Paris vest (flea market), Hugo Boss men's trousers (flea market), Donald Pliner booties (flea market), snake bag (gift from BFF), Alexis Bittar bangle (Nordstrom Rack), Hawaiian Heritage necklace (gift from Mom). 

Sometimes, even with all the planning and good intentions in the world, we puny humans still make occasional wardrobe mistakes - and today, I've decided to blob them all together in one outfit so we can talk about alterations (a.k.a. damage control). 

This silver pendant? Came on a chain that didn't work with any of my tops - it just dangled sadly below all my necklines, completely hidden from view. The trousers? Bought in a mad fit of menswear inspiration so strong I didn't notice a huge tear at the bottom of one leg. The booties? Juuuuuust big enough to fit in the morning, and juuuuuust small enough to cause killer toe pain by the end of the day. But I'm one stubborn lady, and I really wanted to make all these things work. 

Adjustable Necklaces

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My first revelation was this mystical adjustable bead chain - why in blue blazes can't every necklace come with this feature? The tail of the chain passes through a silicon-lined bead that allows you to adjust the length of the chain to exactly what it needs to be.  This allows you to perfectly center any pendant (of any odd shape or length) at the most flattering spot for you. I now own one in white gold and one in yellow gold, and I swap them out with different pendants as needed. Neckline problems: solved!



Heel Lifts

Sometimes shoe fit issues can be solved with stretching - but what do you do when the actual length of the shoe is at fault, and stretching isn't possible? I was browsing my local Daiso store the other day, when these fuzzy heel lifts jumped off the shelf at me. The lift raises the heel of the foot a couple centimeters - and in doing so also lengthens the distance from heel to toe. It's not a gargantuan difference, but it's enough to make these booties wearable (and I don't mind the extra height on my short little legs, either). 


Steam-a-Seam Fusible Web Tape

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Image via

Last but not least, I wanted to share my long-time secret weapon for all those niggly little hem jobs that for whatever reason just aren't worth a proper hem. Maybe it's a horribly made item that's going to fall apart after a single season, anyway. Or maybe it's a pre-owned piece you bought as a style experiment and you really would rather keep the cost to a minimum. Hem tape is perfect for this!

You basically just hack off the unwanted fabric, tape up the hem where you'd like it, and iron that sucker in place. Unlike Hollywood Tape, the ironing process bonds this type of tape in place permanently, meaning you don't have to worry about it coming undone every time you get dressed. You're finished in minutes, and you can get on with actually wearing your item the way it's meant to be worn (e.g. without the legs bunching, hems dragging, or sleeves drooping). 


What kind of fit issues do you typically run into? Do you have any MacGyver-like secrets you'd like to share?