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Catching Rae

Welcome to the Jungle

Occasion: Guns n' Roses concert during my anniversary weekend!
Dress Code: Glam Rock
Outdoor Temps: 67°F
Activity Level: High
Wearing: Samba McKay flares (flea market), American Apparel bodysuit (flea market), chainmail necklace (flea market), Sundance Catalog velvet jacket (Ebay), camo crossbody (gift from BFF), Kate Spade sunnies (flea market)

So... this has a bit of a different flavor than my usual outfit posts... But one of the most fantastic things about style is the way it lets us tap into different aspects of our personalities for different types of events. I get very excited about all the ways clothes can convey our values and help us achieve our goals - and sometimes, honestly, the goal is just to have FUN and rock out!

As stated in my previous post, The Husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last week, and one of the highlights of our celebration was catching Guns N' Roses - the real Guns N' Roses, complete with Slash and Duff - at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. I'd been waiting to see these guys for over half my life, so I wanted to ham it up a bit and get into the glam spirit (and yeah, still be able to walk to and from the car, avoid having my butt stick to the gross stadium seats, and somehow make it through a night in the open air without freezing). 

My solution? Jungle-tastic acid green pants, leopard print wedge booties, a low-rise-pant-proof bodysuit, and a totally clashing emerald velvet jacket... mostly because I'd already packed the jacket for another outfit, but also because discord is totally rock n' roll. ;)

Plenty of people showed up to this concert dressed to look like Axl and Slash - and while that's also a very fun thing to do, it made me much happier to celebrate my own inner rock star for an evening. The colors, practicality, and comfort of this outfit are still very me, even if it's not the version of me that would show up to a client appointment. To my eye, being true to your own comfort levels and preferences always makes the difference between an authentic feeling offshoot and an outright costume. 

We'll get back to some more everyday outfits tomorrow - but for today, thanks for letting me share two huge milestones in my life with you!