Subliminal Style
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Catching Rae

5-Minute Networking

Occasion: Networking Luncheon
Dress Code: Creative Business
Outdoor Temps: 80°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Helmut Lang dress (Nordstrom), Geode necklace (Nordstrom Rack), Any Lu "Michel" pumps (Ebay)

Working with a morning client this morning, but I wanted to quickly share yesterday's outfit with you! What's important about this look? 

  • I've worn it before - busy days are the LAST days to get creative!
  • It took 5 minutes to get dressed.
  • I KNEW it only took 5 minutes.
  • It was logged as a 5-Minute Outfit so I knew just what to grab (no scrambling to remember)
  • The outfit has my key personality references already built in, so I felt confident it represents me well. 

Do you have outfits like these hanging in your closet, ready to go when the wheels fall off?