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Catching Rae

Facing Your Worst Colors

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Business
Outdoor Temps: 75°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Vince chiffon shirt dress, junior's orange cotton moto, Via Spiga sandal boots, unbranded handbag (gift from the BFF), handmade leopardite bracelet (street fair in Buenos Aires)

I almost decided to reshoot this outfit - but then I decided it was a perfect example of the importance of wearing flattering colors near the face. 

This is after some Photoshop magic, but can you see how my complexion looks ever so slightly green? For a while  just couldn't figure out the problem, because I love orange, and orange has historically loved me back. But check out the bag in the second photo. This is a stone colored bag, but it clearly looks yellow in this pic. I finally realized that I took these shots facing a gigantic mob of mustard yellow flowers, which were bouncing one of my least flattering shades all over my complexion! 

I can wear a few shades of yellow, including lemon and citron - but mustard yellow is clearly not for me. 

This is exactly what happens when we wear the incorrect colors in a top, jacket, neclace, earrings, or hairpiece: the colors reflect incompatible hues and can make us appear tired, wan, or even sickly. One of the reasons why color experts often denounce wearing black is that it hardly relects any light, leaving many complextions feeling gray and dull. 

So if you're someone who enjoys looking healthy, attentive, and energetic (and i assume most people do!), it definitely pays to take a moment  identify your best (and worst...) colors.