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Catching Rae

Tidal Rave (Or How to Get Dressed in the Dark)

Occasion: Client Packing Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 76°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Helmut Lang tunic (flea market), Elie Tahari skirt (thrift store), Bandolino slingbacks (Women Helping Women Quarterly Sale)

As much as I love to be creative with clothing and devise new combinations, sometimes I just need my stuff to work. When I'm busy, short on time, and face a long day in and out of closets, nothing thrills me more than to basically pull two random things out of the closet and let them do the work for me. 

Now, I didn't totally get dressed in the dark, but pretty much the only thoughts that went into this outfit were along the lines of, "Ugh. Hot day. Tank top. Blue pretty..." 

In the past when I'd been faced with this predicament, I'd have to try on 10 different outfits before two things finally worked together. Top A would be too short for Top B, or Top X's neckline wouldn't work with Necklace Y. The whole process would take so long that I'd give up and wear some boring old outfit I'd worn a million times before. 

The solution is to be extra strict about how clothes fit - not just whether they fit and flatter as stand-alone items, but also where they cut across your body. Key points to look for are:

  • Necklines that flatters your neck and chest proportions. 
  • Waistlines that sit at a logical place on your body (e.g. not up under your boobage).
  • Shirt hems that aren't too long or too short.
  • Skirt/Shorts lengths in proportion to your legs.
  • Tops that flatter your skin tone.
  • Colors that marry well with the others in your closet.

To make this process easier for my clients, I also offer a service that mathematically determines the ideal length for all these garments - for life. I've had this done for myself as well, and I can't rave enough about how it eliminates guess work and optical illusion from the mix while shopping and tailoring. Even with a playful proportion like a tunic-and-pencil-skirt combo, it's so much easier to mix and match when every single piece flatters the body first. 

To find out more about ideal garment measurements, please feel free to contact me!