Subliminal Style
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Catching Rae

Opposites Redact

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 84°F
Activity Level: Moderate - Low
Wearing: Ya Los Angeles top (Ebay), Olivia Moon linen blazer (flea market), Vince a-line mini skirt (flea market), Gentle Souls mules (flea market), Evereve necklace (Evereve), pearl bracelet (Standard Style), unbranded bronze bag (gift from BFF, bought downtown)

I am far too racially ambiguous, metaphysical, and moody to pass for the All-American Girl Next Door - but dang, there is just something about a preppy look that still gets me right in the ticker.

Khaki! Polo shirts! Equestrian pants! Little embroidered whales! I've experimented with all that, and it's not quite me. But that doesn't mean I can't give the embroidered whales a little nod now and then. 

This navy blue, kelly green, and khaki combination (topped off with a set of pearls, no less) is pretty darn preppy. If any of you out there have followed stores like Talbots, J. Crew, LL Bean, and Eddie Bauer over the years, you know these colors just keep on coming back. It's not a pairing I like to do every day, since I usually feel a bit more urban and mysterious, but I do love how lighthearted and fresh it feels on a hot summer day.

If there are looks out there that you appreciate but don't identify with 100%, you can often mix them in by counterbalancing them with their opposites. For example, you might offset baggy boyfriend jeans with a fitted, girly top. Or you could balance out a studded biker jacket with a silk blouse and pencil skirt. 

To help mitigate this preppy vibe, I chose pieces with a bit of a contemporary/trendy spin. The green shell features a hi-low hemline, the cognac sandals and mules with laser-cut details, the skirt is a very current-feeling a-line mini, the pearl jewelry is done in a modernly minimalist style, and the bronze camo-print bag is... well... bronze and camo-print. This would have been a very different outfit with ballet flats, a canvas tote, and an iconic strand of pearls.

This strategy not only balances out looks that are too extreme for your personality, but it also helps express your history, values, and personality in a more complex, nuanced, and accurate way. 

Why be one-note when you can be a symphony?