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Plan Your Fall Colors: What to Keep, What to Buy

All Color Swatches from Pantone Fashion Color Reports

All Color Swatches from Pantone Fashion Color Reports

I can hardly think about wool and leather and fur collars right now - but I know allll the stores will soon be chock full of insulating offerings, because Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale previews NEXT WEEK! As a former stylist for Nordstrom, this will probably always be the official signal to my brain to start thinking about Fall. But since the temperatures here in Los Angeles rarely cooperate until late November, my favorite thing to start with is color.

Pantone is the go-to company for color forecasting, and they do a fabulous job of making color reports, so in the graphic above I've pulled their swatches from last Fall, this Spring, and the coming Fall.

In comparing the three, you can see that many of the colors suggested for this season have very similar counterparts in previous seasons - which means you may already have lots of current and fashionable colors in your closet!

What to Keep

  • Purple-y Pink
  • Soft Coffee Browns/Taupe
  • Rusty Red-Orange
  • Golden Yellow
  • Gray
  • Sky Blue
  • Medium Blue

What to Store

  • Turquoise
  • Lime
  • Coral
  • Pastel Pink

What's New??

Image from   Pantone

Image from Pantone

The one color that stands out in my eyes that hasn't been represented well last year is Lush Meadow - a really pretty emerald/grass jewel tone green. Pantone doesn't have a color report out for Spring 2017 right now, but other forecasts are showing a very similar color for 2017, too. So, if you like jewel-toned greens and the flatter you (key word being if) Lush Meadow is definitely one color to keep an eye out for to warm and brighten up last year's earthy neutrals.

Also keep in mind that individuals rarely wear ALL the trendy colors well - the key is to pick and choose which ones flatter your coloring and make sense for your personal style statement. Sometimes your signature color will not be "on trend" - but that's okay! It's always more important to stay true to your signature style, picking and choosing which trends apply to you

Are any of the Fall colors particularly floating your boat? I'd love to hear how you plan to wear them!