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Catching Rae

Summer-Weight Wool

Occasion: Makeup Shopping (with a client and a prospect)
Dress Code: Creative Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 76°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: DIY tie-sleeve blouse (DIY), Comptoir des Cotonniers linen pants (swap party!), Report sandals (Amazon), Brahmin Vivian Vineyard bag (Nordstrom), handmade bracelet from Buenos Aires (street fair).

This was a super fun outfit to wear, because it's creative, nostalgic, and practical all at once - and I totally believe that even our practical outfits can make us smile. 

You have seen this tie-front blouse here before - but today I wore it tucked into some fabulous pants that found me after my recent Summer Style Workshop & Clothes Swap right here in Torrance. In case you missed it, the event sold out and ended with a 16 women trading closet orphans for some shopping-free style refreshers. These pants came from a longtime friend of mine - who purchased them while shopping in NYC with another friend! Now I'll forever think of two awesome gals whenever I wear them. Awesome. 

Aside from the sentimental value, these pants are fantastic because they are very comfortable to wear in the summer - even though they are made of a wool blend! Although "woolens" can sound very wintry in CA, it's breathable and evaporates moisture quickly, which can actually help keep you cool. This particular pant also has some viscose fibers and viscose pocket lining, which also help me avoid a swampy bottom on hot days. 

When choosing a summer pant, I look for:

  • Low-to-no polyester content
  • Low-to-no spandex content
  • Loose or skimming fit (not tight)
  • Natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen, rayon)

With that said, if you still need summer items - or if your summer goes on forever like ours - this may be your last chance to shop! Fall items will be flooding stores this month, and summer selections will dwindle. 

Keep an eye out here as the summer wears on, as I plan to discuss Fall trends for our Indian Summer!

Stay cool!