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Parsing Trends: Is "Riverside" Blue Right for Your Wardrobe?

Last week, I shared my process behind the decision to add Lush Meadow green to my wardrobe this season. This week, I'd like to examine the rest of Fall 2016's color trends to help you decide if any of them are right for your closet - and today is all about Riverside blue! 

Image from   Pantone

Image from Pantone

Hue: Pantone describes the color as "cool and calming, strong and stable" with "subtle sophistication" and "a sense of constancy." It reminds me of vintage washed jeans, the muted blues found in nature (like bluejays), or sky reflecting off deep water like a lake or ocean. In color psychology, blue also suggests safety, trust, and dependability. When worn near the face, it is better on those with cool undertones in their complexion.

Value: Riverside Blue is fairly deep, consisting of about 57% black. This mid-tone will be good for a variety of complexions as long as they aren't very dark or very pale. As a mid-valued color, it is neither bold nor moody, so it can work well as a neutral to mix and match with other colors (just think of the versatility of denim).

Saturation: At about 48% saturation, Riverside has a decent amount of gray in the mix. This also helps it to function as something of a neutral, and it makes it very wearable near the face as we age and lose some saturation in our own skin pigment. The mid-saturation furthers the effect of this color as being very safe, universal, constant, and "middle-of-the-road."

Since colors are just colors, the rest of the 9-point checklist for personal style are totally up to you! You might choose to add this color in a shiny fabric, a rough denim, a crisp shirt, or a draped velvet. All of these things could take this blank-slate type of color and pull them closer to your personality if the color is calling to you this season. 

Do you already have some Riverside Blue in your closet? Will you be emphasizing this color for Fall? Did this analysis turn you on or off to the color?