Subliminal Style
Effortless. Authentic. Professional.

Catching Rae

$2,000 Coffee

Occasion: Post Office, Client Shopping/Returns, Hair Appointment
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 79°F, humid
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Theory linen blazer (Goodwill Boutique, Paige Denim silk shell (Nordstrom Rack), Miss Sixty destroyed cropped jeans (flea market), Anya Hindmarch tote (Ebay), Report sandals (Amazon)

"That'll be $1,750," the coffee clerk joked with me yesterday. 

"$1,750!" I laughed. "You must not like me." 

"You just look like you can afford it," he said. "I can tell."

"If only," I replied, handing him $1.75 for my custom 7-11 Original Cappuccino-Decaf Coffee blend. 

"It'll happen," he said seriously. "See you tomorrow?"

It's a goofy story about a more-charming-than-usual guy trying to build some regular business for his shop - but I'm sharing it to demonstrate a few awesome things about style:

  • Looking expensive doesn't have to be expensive - nothing I wore yesterday was purchased at full retail price except my $20 necklace. And that was a gift from The Husband!
  • People do notice how you look. All the time, everywhere you go. Even if they don't say it.
  • You don't have to wear a suit or designer logos to look successful - an authentic look projects success even via shredded jeans. 
  • Women don't have to dress "sexy" to get noticed. It really is about your je ne sais quoi.

Not everyone is going to announce how stylish and expensive and successful and friendly you look as you go about your day. That would be weird and creepy.

But the truth is that people make snap judgements about you all the time, when you least suspect it. Who knows who might be unconsciously evaluating - and dismissing! - your credibility when it really matters? When you look genuine and thoughtfully put-together in good quality items that show respect for yourself - people really do jump to better conclusions about who you are. 

Why not harness that power every day? All the time? Just by getting dressed?